The NEUROpsychological GESture(NEUROGES)System is an objective and reliable analysis system for nonverbal behaviour, focussing on hand movement and gestural behaviour.
NEUROGES® is designed for basic research on hand movement behavior and gesture and its relation to cognitive, emotional, and interactive processes. Up to now, it has been applied in more than 500 individuals, from different cultures as Germans, U.S. Americans, francophone and anglophone Canadians, Suisse, Koreans, Kenyans, and Papua New Guineans, including healthy individuals as well as individuals with brain damage and with mental illness. A recent review of 18 empirical studies using NEUROGES® in combination with ELAN demonstrates a good reliability of the system, as measured with interrater agreement (Lausberg & Slöetjes, 2015).  Given the growing body of empirical evidence for the validity of the NEUROGES® values regarding cognitive, emotional, and interactive processes, NEUROGES® is applied increasingly for diagnostic purposes in neuropsychology, psychodiagnostics, and therapist - patient interaction.

NEUROGES® has been developed by Hedda Lausberg.

The development of the system has been supported by the German Research Association (DFG) with the grants LA 1249/1-1/1-2/1-3 to Hedda Lausberg.

NEUROGES® is registered as European Union trade mark by the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Any researcher is kindly asked to contact Hedda Lausberg in case of

  • any commercial use of the NEUROGES® system or parts of the system,
  • any development of automatic and software based analysis systems implementing NEUROGES® or parts of NEUROGES®,
  • any publication or commercialization of translated versions or of modified systems (adaptions) based on the NEUROGES® system.


Lausberg, H. (2018). Nonverbale Interaktion (Kapitel 12). In: Kommunikative Kompetzenz in der Medizin. Ein Lehrbuch zur Theorie, Didaktik, Praxis und Evaluation der ärztlichen Gesprächsführung. A. Koerfer, C. Albus (Hrsg.). Verlag für Gesprächsführung. Kostenloses E-Book (Open Access), ISBN: 978-3-936656-71-8.

NEUROGES® – An analysis system for hand movements and gestures as a reflection of cognitive, emotional, and interactive processes

The revised version of the NEUROGES®-ELAN System (Lausberg & Slöetjes) is published in Behavior Research Methods. All revisions are described in detail including a "translation" table for direct comparison with previous versions. Furthermore, the paper presents the examination of the reliability of the system, based on a survey including 18 empirical studies with more than 450 individuals of different cultures. Reference: Lausberg, H., & Sloetjes, H. (2015). The revised NEUROGES-ELAN system.