NEUROGES® – An analysis system for hand movements and gestures as a reflection of cognitive, emotional, and interactive processes

NEUROGES®, developed by Hedda Lausberg, is an objective and reliable system for the analysis of all hand movements that accompany speech, including gestures, self-touch, shifts, and actions. Up to now, it has been applied for the analysis of hand movements and gestures in more than 500 individuals from different cultures of four continents, including healthy individuals as well as individuals with brain damage and with mental illness. A recent review of 18 empirical studies using NEUROGES® in combination with ELAN demonstrates a good reliability of the system (Lausberg and Sloetjes 2015).
Since neuropsychological research provides evidence that some gesture types are generated in the right hemisphere independent from left-hemispheric speech production, and phenomenologically, the existence of gesture - speech mismatches has been demonstrated, NEUROGES® offers the methodological approach to first analyze gestures as a means of expression per se, i.e., to analyze the mental image behind the gesture, and in a second step to examine the relation between gesture and speech. In a seven steps comprising assessment algorithm, the ongoing stream of hand movement behavior is segmented and classified according to movement criteria into more and more fine-grained units, resulting in a distinct analysis of gestures based on their visual appearance. For more information on the system see

Seminar I: Understanding body movement in interaction. The analysis of kinesic behaviour with NEUROGES®-ELAN
February 4 - 7, 2019

Seminar II: Gesture and Action Analysis
March 11 - 14, 2019 

Seminar III: Research Methodology in Gesture and Nonverbal Interaction Studies
June 11 - 13, 2019