LingCologne2019: Multimodality - NEUROGES workshop

05. June 2019

The Neuropsychological Gesture (NEUROGES) Analysis System – Behavioral Analysis in Linguistic Research

Content of the workshop NEUROGES
(Lausberg, 2013; Lausberg, 2018) is an objective and reliable system for the analysis of speech-accompanying hand movements and gestures. A review of 18 empirical studies using NEUROGES in combination with ELAN demonstrates a good reliability of the system (Lausberg and Sloetjes 2015). Since neuropsychological research provides evidence that some gesture types are generated in the right hemisphere independent from left-hemispheric speech production (Feyereisen, 1987;Kita & Lausberg, 2008; Hogrefe et al., 2010), and the existence of gesture - speech mismatches has been demonstrated (McNeill, 1992; Goldin-Meadow et al., 1993), NEUROGES offers the methodological approach to analyze gestures as a means of expression per se. The ongoing stream of hand movement behavior is segmented and classified according to movement criteria into more and more fine-grained units, resulting in a distinct analysis of gestures based on their visual appearance. The analysis algorithm is shown on illustrated by video samples. Workshop program and Audience(max. 12 participants) In this workshop participants are going to learn how movements are analyzed using NEUROGES. The workshop is open for any researcher and student involved in empirical gesture research. No pre-existing knowledge is assumed. However, knowledge in the application of the multimedia annotator ELAN is recommended for participants who wish to analyze videos in the practical part of the workshop. Participants should bring their own laptop and preferably have ELAN installed ( Time slot: 5 June 2019, 2pm - 5pm (2:00-3:30pm: Theory; 3:30-5:00pm: Hands on session) Lecturers: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hedda Lausberg, Dr. Ingo Helmich Venue: Bibliotheksraum des Slawischen Instituts (Uni Köln) Participation fee: 30,00 € Registration: Corinna Klabunde,